Why do game testers exist?

The game testing industry is growing year by year at an impressive rate. The gaming industry is not something to laugh at. It is a huge industry now and has surpassed the growth rate of many other industries from the 21st century. It is no longer just the top few companies that dominate the gaming market. There is a huge array of companies that all hold a "slice of the pie". Even companies that are considered small within the industry report millions in revenue. Thus growing the need for game testers to ensure that the games are the best they can be.

What we do for the gaming industry

We are at the forefront of ensuring that video game developers stay in touch with its audience and the targeted user base. User engagement and user experience is the most vital role in a successful game and there are many factors that can cause a decline in this.

We mainly focus on the overall experience from a consumer point of view, but we also do the following:

Mobile Gaming Testing

Console Testing

Load Testing (PC/Console/Mobile)

Usability and Experience Testing

Compatibility and Functionality Testing

Why Us?

You may be wondering why a company would choose us to provide them with game testing services. We have the reputation, the knowledge and the expertise to provide one of the best services within the industry. Our company was one of the first companies to start within the industry and has been growing ever since. Companies also prefer to outsource game testers rather than hiring them within their own department due to the unbiased nature of our services. We will always provide unbiased feedback. Our only interest is to provide the game development companies with the most important feedback.

Game tester Jobs

On a contrary to the gaming market as a whole, careers within the game tester industry is rather limited. We are the leading external provider of careers within the game tester industry. Some large companies have in-house game testers that work solely for them. But we think that would get boring due to the repetitiveness. That's why we have our game testers work on a variety of games to ensure that the job remains interesting.

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