How to become a video game tester

Being a video game tester within a reputable game testing company can be an incredible experience and a great way to start your video game tester career. It's often the stepping stone to getting your foot in the door within the gaming industry. Gaming used to just be a hobby, but it has now turned into something much more. People are able to play games for a living. Game testing is a job for people that have a passion and love for gaming. Here are some qualities that we look for within potential candidates.

Gaming Diversity

Experience with playing a diverse range of video games is often a good quality. It shows that the candidate is adapted to a range of different genres and game types. Currently, the most popular video game genres include:

  1. Action games

  2. Sport games

  3. Battle Royale games

  4. Action-adventure games

  5. Role-playing games

  6. Adventure games

  7. Racing games

  8. Fighting games

  9. Real-time strategy games

  10. Simulator

It's not important to have played them all, but to at least be aware of the categories. A successful game tester should be interested in trying all of these categories regardless of personal preference and should also be comfortable with playing on a range of platforms including PC/console/mobile.

Good attention to detail and ability to focus

You need to be able to remain focused even when playing games for an extended period of time. You need to be able to keep track of what you're doing and ensure that you don't miss any vital elements or issues within the game. Even details such as a typo in some character dialogue is vital to be reported to the development company. As soon as you see anything vital you need to ensure to keep a record of where you found it and how it can be reproduced so that it can be fixed.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are vital in the role of becoming a video game tester. You must be able to converse accurately and clearly with your supervisor to ensure that there is no misunderstandings. Good verbal and written communication skills will play an important role when it comes to writing good quality feedback reports.

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