Jobs available within the US

3-5 Game Testers (Remote) (Can work with us from anywhere within the US)

We have part time and full time jobs available. This is our most common role, where you will spend most of the day playing games. We say around 80% of your time will be spent playing the games and testing services, the remaining 20% is for writing reports and feedback for our report compilers. No technical experience required. Training and guidance will be provided through group chats with colleagues and conference calls.

Starting salary: $15-$18 per hour.

1 Report Compiler (Remote) (Can work with us from anywhere within the US)

This requires a candidate that is keen on the writing element of the job, not just the gaming side of things. This role obviously doesn't exclude you from the fun of playing games, since you will require an understanding of the game in order to compile and gather the reports and feedback from the game testers. Outstanding English writing skills is a must for this position.

Starting salary: $20-$25 per hour.

1 Game Tester (In Office) (To work with us in our office located in London).

We are looking for a happy, positive, open minded and enthusiastic individual to work with us from the office. We provide a relaxed and fun work environment and do not believe in the strict confines of a traditional office environment. You will get to enjoy working side-by-side with other gaming enthusiasts and liaise with them regarding video games and all sorts of services. This role may also involve some basic admin tasks, so organisation is important.

Starting salary: $15-$18 per hour (with the possibility of travel expenses covered).

1 Quality Control Manager (In Office) (To work with us in our office located in London).

We are looking for a quality control manager to assist with reading the finalized versions of the reports before they get sent out to our clients and also to ensure that all deadlines are met on time. Managerial experience is a must. Experience working towards specific deadlines are desired.

Starting salary: $35-$40 per hour.

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