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While game testing may be seen as a role that doesn't require that much skill or experience, it certainly isn't a role for everyone. People that lack concentration and passion for video games may struggle severely with a role like game testing. To be a good game tester; you need to be sharp, focused and patient. It can take a long time to discover bugs and thoroughly review certain aspects of the game. Our clients expect a high quality service and it is our duty to deliver it. However, technical knowledge such as programming and design isn't needed. It is more about a person's character rather than their knowledge.


Since gaming is often a team game, the right attitude within the team is incredibly vital. Our team is the most important element of this company. It is the backbone of our structure. We do not tolerate anyone that is negative and that tries to disrupt the workplace. Here is an article of what our founders follow regarding toxicity in the workplace. If we can't build a great team, we can't build a great company. Any arrogance, negativity (in a non-productive way) or anger will not be tolerated.

Writing Skills

Writing skills are an important quality that we look for within applicants. Due to our limited amount of report compilers, we are unable to allocate extra time for them to correct simple spelling and grammar mistakes. One or two errors here or there don't make a difference, but consistent and basic errors may be a cause for concern. We do provide auto correct software for users to use when writings the reviews into our system.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is important so that you can get the most information from the time spent on the game. Playing hours and hours of games and only coming up with 1 or 2 minor points would not be beneficial for our clients. We need you to be able to get creative with the feedback you come up with to ensure that we can deliver effective reports, on time. It's also vital to be able to make sure that you don't miss any technical or design bugs within the game. It is important that they don't slip through the cracks.


As mentioned previously, focus is an important factor. Playing games for many hours can be tedious and mentally draining. This is why we offer our employees regular breaks. If working in the office with us, you will have plenty of time to get some fresh air and play some energizing games such as pool/snooker and Foosball. We also offer employees the opportunity to change games once they have been testing specific games over set periods of time.

If you feel that you have what it takes to become a game tester, head over to the jobs available.

There seems to be a fairly large misconception when it comes to what requirements there are to becoming a video game tester. Some of which may stem from the fact that people imagine it to be a very simple job. We do however need to disagree with this. While formal education may not be very relevant in most situations, there are attributes that indicate whether a candidate is suitable for a role within our company.

Do I need to go to college or university?

Within most companies (including ours), there is no requirement for a degree or a high level of formal education. For the entry level game tester role, all that is often required is dedication, patience and perseverance. Previous experience within game tester roles can be beneficial but it's not something that should be held against anyone wanting to start in the industry.

A degree can however allow you to advance much further within the gaming industry than the entry level job. If you want to turn the job into a long term career then a degree may be a requirement. That's if you don't want to spend the rest of your life just playing video games (which some people don't seem to mind). It is also often a bonus when a candidate is affluent in Microsoft Word and Excel.

What about my Resume/cv and cover letter?

While many companies consider this the most vital when reviewing candidates, we do not focus on this at all. We prefer to judge someone's ability by providing them a practical task and analyzing how they perform the task. Our blog posts alone should give you a good idea of what we are searching for. We do ask that all candidates are able to write grammatically correct and aren't prone to making simple spelling errors.

Can I do this job from home or do I have to live somewhere specifically?

Most major gaming companies have their own set of in-house game testers and are usually only based in major cities. However, we hire applicants for both remote positions and in-office positions. You can see the locations of the positions on our contact page. You don't need to worry about working remotely. With the advances of technology, conference calls over platforms such as Skype has never been easier. And even if you didn't have a webcam, voice calls with team members are encouraged to share ideas and views. This will assist in moving forward with each game.

The game testing industry is growing year by year at an impressive rate. The gaming industry is not something to laugh at. It is a huge industry now and has surpassed the growth rate of many other industries from the 21st century. It is no longer just the top few companies that dominate the gaming market. There is a huge array of companies that all hold a "slice of the pie". Even companies that are considered small within the industry report millions in revenue. Thus growing the need for game testers to ensure that the games are the best they can be.

What we do for the gaming industry

We are at the forefront of ensuring that video game developers stay in touch with its audience and the targeted user base. User engagement and user experience is the most vital role in a successful game and there are many factors that can cause a decline in this.

We mainly focus on the overall experience from a consumer point of view, but we also do the following:

Mobile Gaming Testing

Console Testing

Load Testing (PC/Console/Mobile)

Usability and Experience Testing

Compatibility and Functionality Testing

Why Us?

You may be wondering why a company would choose us to provide them with game testing services. We have the reputation, the knowledge and the expertise to provide one of the best services within the industry. Our company was one of the first companies to start within the industry and has been growing ever since. Companies also prefer to outsource game testers rather than hiring them within their own department due to the unbiased nature of our services. We will always provide unbiased feedback. Our only interest is to provide the game development companies with the most important feedback.

Game tester Jobs

On a contrary to the gaming market as a whole, careers within the game tester industry is rather limited. We are the leading external provider of careers within the game tester industry. Some large companies have in-house game testers that work solely for them. But we think that would get boring due to the repetitiveness. That's why we have our game testers work on a variety of games to ensure that the job remains interesting.


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