About Us

CC Gametesters was started in 2012 by two friends with a passion for video games. They were getting frustrated when playing games, knowing that they could be drastically improved. So they made a website and started contacting the companies behind the games. They quickly realized the value that they brought to the companies with their feedback, so they set up CC GameTesters and made some contracts.


They went from two friends to a team of over 130 people. They now work closely with over 400 companies in the gaming sector and have given over 750 detailed reports on all sorts of games. They have even branched out to companies from outside of the gaming industry.  Their goal is to keep expanding the team and allow more people to join them with the incredible opportunity to have a job that you can actually enjoy. We will regularly be publishing further information on our blog if you'd like to learn more about video game testing.


As of 2019 they are signing new contracts all the time with large companies and are looking to grow the team to be able to consistently deliver high quality reports. The mission is to grow to a team of 200 members by the end of the year and help others by showing them how to become a game tester. If you'd like to get in touch with any questions, we always reply to emails, even on weekends!

Why do companies Work with us?

Companies work with us for many reasons. Here's a few just to start with:

  • Reliable source of information

They know that we will deliver quality reports with quality information. Conducting online surveys with an online audience is time consuming, costly, and has a high risk of being inaccurate. There could be a very small group of people that dislikes the game, that create multiple accounts just to spread their negative views on the game. When they come to us, they know that they can rely on our game testers for reliable information and unbiased feedback. 

  • Trust

They know that they are able to trust us with pre-release titles without the risk of having unwanted leaked information. All of our game testers that work on pre-release titles must sign NDA's (Non-Disclosure Agreements) to ensure that early release information remains private.

  • Cost Efficiency

Companies understand the value that we bring them. If we ensure that their game is working as intended and is enjoyable to play, then they reduce the risk of losing players and retain a large player base. We also provide guidance on future development to ensure companies do not waste valuable developer hours (which is very costly) on unwanted features.

If you want to become a video game tester, check out our jobs available here!

Meet The Team

Howie Vasive

Co founder

Howie is the tech guy, with experience and knowledge all things related to tech. He set up the first CC GameTester website back in 2012. That's long gone now. 

John Fergusson


John is the networking master. He was able to make connections with over 50 companies within the first year which is what propelled the company to grow to where it is now.

Kelsie Williams Chief Recruitment Officer

Kelsie has been with us since the first year of the company and has been an incredible asset when finding new candidates suitable for the company.

The rest of the team

We can't unfortunately name the whole team, but we'd like to add that they are the biggest factor for how we came to be in the position we are currently in. We would like to thank the team for their hard work and dedication and hope to have many more join us in building the best team of employees.

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