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how to become a game tester?

We are currently hiring! We are a company that bridges the gap from the consumer to the video game companies. We test video games from a consumer perspective (not a QA perspective) and compile reports based on the feedback that our employees provide. We are currently the leading employer for game jobs and we are still growing! This is the perfect opportunity for you to begin your game tester career.


We love the joy that video games bring to people. To be able to be immersed deeply into a game and find yourself in a whole new world. We found it unfair that the companies making the games had no direct connection with the gamers themselves. So we bridged the gap and created this growing industry of game testers.

Check out our blog post on how to become a game tester if you'd like to know more about the industry. Alternatively, you can click here to go directly to our jobs available page. This is the perfect opportunity to start your dream job getting paid to play video games.

Reasons to join us?

  • Work from the comfort of your home! You can become a video game tester from anywhere within the UK or the US.

  • Receive discounts on gaming computers, gaming chairs, games consoles, newly released games and all sorts of gaming accessories.

  • Gain access to games before official release and receive exclusive gaming content.

  • Start your career within the industry with many opportunities to climb the ranks.

  • Free passes to gaming conferences and events with badges from CC GameTesters.

  • Great starting salary

  • Help improve the global gaming industry with your valuable feedback.

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